Monday, June 20, 2011

Support a Sustainable Arts Infrastructure in Haiti

A small collective Techne Labs, which includes two of Flo McGarrell's friends and colleagues Sue Frame and Laura Teodosio, along with Steve Raden is building a multi-media video and audio editing lab for Jakmel Expresyon a vibrant artist run arts center in Jakmel, Haiti that was born after the destruction of the January 2010 earthquake when many artists found themselves without homes or workspaces. While the components of the lab is making its way to Haiti, Techne Labs is seeking funds to build the proper electrical infrastructure and backup system so that the gear can withstand the daily power outages in Haiti. Please help by donating what you can at the Fractured Atlas donation page and by forwarding these links on.

This kind of grassroots, communal arts project supporting Haiti is one of the ways that Flo's spirit and work lives on!

Thank you!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flo McGarrell Collaborative Art Fund at MICA

As the end of the year approaches, some of you may be looking for donation opportunities. Here is one where you get to support young artists and honor Flo at the same time. Flo was a prolific artist (sculpture, installation art, performance, film) who particularly thrived on artistic collaboration. His parents, Ann and Jim McGarrell, have set up a fund at his undergraduate alma mater, MICA, to fund collaborative art projects in his memory. (Put Flo McGarrell Collaborative Art Fund in the restricted use line)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I forgot to post this after the ceremony in Boston. I documented a few of the songs during the ceremony, just little videos on my still camera. Here below is a link to what I thought was the best footage. (on my vimeo page are 4 more clips, each with translation of the song.)

At the end of the walk, Manbo Maude invited us to approach the altar and talk to Flo. "I believe that if you come forward, if you have lost someone, you can find that person here. Here is the place. It's a safe place to come..." Matt beckoned to Laura to come up, and Laura asked me to come up with her together. Adam guided us thru the salute, and we did the movements similar to the dance seen earlier in this clip. Then Laura and I separately approached the altar. We dipped our hands in the water basin. After this we were embraced by various voudouisantes, as we were both crying profusely, and Maude's beautiful little girl brought me a tissue.

Much love to all of you, thinking of you all and of Flo and Anne *alot*, especially as January approaches.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Two articles about Zaka

Canada's The Globe And Mail had two articles and a video piece about Zaka last week, as part of their Project Jacmel series.

Student's future uncertain after quake claims his mentor

Haitian filmmaker sees inspiration through the cracked lens of despair

Zaka's Loss

Sorry it's been awhile; I (we, I guess) needed some time to properly grieve and assert some distance, get some perspective.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vodou Ceremony in Cambridge - March 3

There will be a vodou ceremony in Cambridge MA on March 5th for those who died in Haiti. It is being run by the house of Mambo Maude who lives in Boston and Jacmel. Some of the vodousiant in the house know of Flo from his time at the Haiti Studies Program in Boston. A number of Flo's friends from Boston and NYC will be attending. Please Join us.

Facebook event link here

Event Info:
Friday, March 5, 2010
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Andover Chapel, Andover Hall, Harvard University
45 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Manbo Marie Maude Evans and Sosyete Nago invite all to attend a public Haitian Vodou memorial service to pray for those who died in the Haitian earthquake and to comfort those who mourn.

This will be a service of candlelight, prayer and singing. Participants are invited to wear white, bring a white candle (in glass) for the altar--and, if appropriate, to bring a picture for the altar of someone lost in the earthquake.

Open to all. The service will be conducted in French, Haitian Kreyol and English.

Donation: $15 (you can give more) for Partners in Health. 100% of the money collected will go to Partners in Health's relief work in Haiti.

Please help Haiti with your prayers and donations.

What's going on in Jacmel

From Ivy, one of Flo's friends who is still there in Jacmel. Very informative, well-written, and all around awesome blog. They are working hard to keep Flo's work and legacy going strong!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

List of things that the people of Lakou need

Food and shelter. Tents and camping equipment are a basic need that they do not have.

Rayon (Bonga says silk, but Ann is pretty sure he means rayon) material, I presume for making costumes.

Also, is anyone in San Francisco who knows anyone involved with Cuba Caribe?