Monday, June 20, 2011

Support a Sustainable Arts Infrastructure in Haiti

A small collective Techne Labs, which includes two of Flo McGarrell's friends and colleagues Sue Frame and Laura Teodosio, along with Steve Raden is building a multi-media video and audio editing lab for Jakmel Expresyon a vibrant artist run arts center in Jakmel, Haiti that was born after the destruction of the January 2010 earthquake when many artists found themselves without homes or workspaces. While the components of the lab is making its way to Haiti, Techne Labs is seeking funds to build the proper electrical infrastructure and backup system so that the gear can withstand the daily power outages in Haiti. Please help by donating what you can at the Fractured Atlas donation page and by forwarding these links on.

This kind of grassroots, communal arts project supporting Haiti is one of the ways that Flo's spirit and work lives on!

Thank you!