Saturday, November 27, 2010


I forgot to post this after the ceremony in Boston. I documented a few of the songs during the ceremony, just little videos on my still camera. Here below is a link to what I thought was the best footage. (on my vimeo page are 4 more clips, each with translation of the song.)

At the end of the walk, Manbo Maude invited us to approach the altar and talk to Flo. "I believe that if you come forward, if you have lost someone, you can find that person here. Here is the place. It's a safe place to come..." Matt beckoned to Laura to come up, and Laura asked me to come up with her together. Adam guided us thru the salute, and we did the movements similar to the dance seen earlier in this clip. Then Laura and I separately approached the altar. We dipped our hands in the water basin. After this we were embraced by various voudouisantes, as we were both crying profusely, and Maude's beautiful little girl brought me a tissue.

Much love to all of you, thinking of you all and of Flo and Anne *alot*, especially as January approaches.