Thursday, February 18, 2010

How We Can Help Flo's Friends At LAKOU

I've been in contact with Flo's friend Bonga at Lakou (thanks to all who have helped me translate!). According to their facebook profile, "Lakou is a performance group in residence at FOSAJ. Lakou uses Music, dance, text, theater, video, painting, sculpture to champion the rights of sexual and religious minorities, among other oppressed peoples."

Bonga tells of two places where Lakou's need is great. One is the basic need for food and shelter, neither of which they have. The best way to help with that is via Western Union. If you would like info on how to donate that way, get in touch with me. (I should note that the last sentence is my input only; Bonga never asks for money in his correspondences with me.)

Bonga also says that Lakou is interested in performing at festivals here in the US. They had applied to perform at an arts festival in San Francisco, but either were not accepted or cannot figure out a way to get there now (I am unclear). I get the feeling that they would really like to get back to doing what they do best. If you are a dancer, if you know or work with any dance troupes or arts festival organizers, or if you book things of this nature, pleaase get in touch.

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