Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Flo's Lovely Mother

We just received this information from Flo's mother, Ann. Please contact your Senators, Congressional representatives, and, if you have media contacts, whoever you can to get the word out about this.

Find phone numbers for your Senator and Congressional Rep here:

Ann's message is posted verbatim below.


I'm Flo's mother, Ann McGarrell. Thank you for this beautiful tribute at this time of heartbreak for us.

I have just heard (don't know if it's true) that Flo's body has been excavated at last; however, the prson who told me that says it is too decomposed to be cremated (absurd) AND for only $7000 they will "store it a few months until I can pick it up." The State Dept. says this is so far the first example of post-quake extortion. I too love Haiti, despite desperation that leds to things like this. Please, everybody, contact your Senators and and ask them to help me have my child's remains returned to me in whatever condition mortality has left them. I know his lovely and generous soul is free.
With love to all of you,


  1. Doris Frame just called to tell me that Sue Frame and Flo's remains will be airlifted from Jacmel, Haiti by the UN today. Not sure where she is headed, but this is fantastic news. More to follow.

    Alex Polotsky

  2. I took a nap yesterday to get rid of my hangover,
    Flo visited me with a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. With lots of hugs he told me everything is ok and he is doing well. I love Flo!

  3. Thank you, so much, Alex and Robin for doing this for everyone.

  4. SF has received rare and powerful thunderstorms..i hear flo laughing.