Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morning Updates!

Thank you Tami for sending us this update this morning:

Status as of this a.m....paraphrased from a note Ann sent to me early this morning...According to the UN guard who is protecting Sue at the disaster site, heavy equipment got in by boat yesterday and they will recover Flo today. Sue has been digging by hand all this time and camping on site. Food and water are beginning to be distributed. IF the excavation is successful military transport will bring Sue and Flo home to the US (Florida).
Another FYI: The State Dept's Americans missing in Haiti lists Flo's status as "unknown" despite the many phone and email messages sent to them.

Thank you Lisa for sending us this other update overnight from Ann:

Ann says: "I just got a phone call from the angelic Scottish UN guard Angus Keith who is guarding Sue at the site. He says excavation work will be complete by tomorrow. I told him that if cremation was necessary, he should supervise it himself and NOT turn Flo over to Haitian "authorities". He promised to oversee everything personally."
So perhaps soon there will be an end to the anguish.

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