Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here is a nice message from Flo's friend David Bogus.


Flo and I were residents together for a year in Roswell, 2007. He helped me a lot with my work, I helped him set up a piece, we traveled about NM together, I think the bond formed between artists at RAIR is special and I know his dad thinks so too. I got to watch red sox games with James when they were there for the 40 anniversary of the residency. We just hung out all the time and FLo is the person who seemed to be the catalyst for our group, making sure we would all party together while we made our work. Hard to explain and don't have words for how I view him and his work.AMAZING comes to mind!

Flo Visited me in a dream this afternoon. He was with a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, told me not to worry, everything was fine and he was doing well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this dream David. I know that Flo was close to Erzulie, the Voudoun Loa of love and beauty (among other things). Certainly, she could appear in many forms of meaning to a dreamer, including a beautiful girl with blond hair. Possibly, he is making his way with her now -- we can all be hopeful and pray for that.