Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Contribute

*If you would like to contribute a memory or essay or photo or story or anything pertaining to Flo and/or his work in Jacmel, you can publish a comment here on the blog or email it to me, if you have my address.

*All comments are moderated, so no one will see what you write before I post it up, in case you are concerned about that. Obviously I won't post things that you ask me to keep private.

*If your contribution isn't text (i.e. photo, video, et cetera) you may need to have a site to host it on; I'm not sure if will do it for us. If you don't have the (cap)ability to do that, let me know and we will figure something out together for sure. Obviously so much of how we'll remember him will be multimedia, so this is important. I wish we could somehow stuff one of his beautiful and ginormous sculptures onto this site!

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  1. Here is an Homage to Flo.
    Julie Dermansky