Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Article About Flo

Found this wonderful article at Posthaiti blog last night and forgot to repost it. It's a beautiful memorial. It also contains this perfect photo of Flo smiling up at something above him, and it has quickly become so incredibly special and important to me.

Flo's big brother Andrew has written an equally beautiful memorial to his brother on his blog Mostly Travel, Mostly The Facts.

The tributes are slowly trickling in; keep sending them along. Keep envisioning them, writing them, painting them, filming them, sculpting them, drawing them, singing them, building them, organizing them, creating them. Whatever you do best, do it for Flo. If anyone would want to be celebrated like this, it's our Flo McGarrell. Remember that as you do what you do, he's probably looking over your shoulder with his lovingly critical eye and whispering constructive criticism in your ear, telling you some brilliant way to do it that he figured out while killing time one afternoon. (I remember that happening between us on more than one occasion.)

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