Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update: Email Response From State Dept.

Many of us who sent emails to the State Department tonight requesting Sue and Flo be brought home received this verbatim response fifteen minutes ago:


Dear Robin:

We have received several emails this evening regarding Ms. Susan Frame and her location at the Jacmel Airport. We have forwarded these to the proper authorities on the ground in Port-au-Prince.

If possible, please keep us posted with any new information that becomes available concerning Ms. Frame's safety and location, if either change.


Haiti Task Force


I wrote back saying that I would post this information verbatim on this blog and also forward all info to all media I've been talking to this afternoon. First I received the same automated response that all emails to this address have been receiving, and then I received this exactly two minutes ago:


Dear Robin:

FYI: your information was sent directly to the Consular Section in Port-au-Prince and two special task forces on the ground in Haiti.

We are hopeful that things will soon progress for Ms. Frame. The proper people have been informed.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with any additional information that becomes available.


Haiti Task Force

(202) xxx-xxxx


Did anyone else receive this last email in addition to the first? Does anyone know if the Frame and McGarrell families know this information? I don't want to bombard them with yet another email.

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  1. Robin:
    I received the first email, but not the second. The State Department says they are in touch with the McGarrells and the Frames, but I'm not sure that means they know that you and other folks are working to improve Sue's and Flo's situation. I would email or call them, just in case, even though it might be repeating information they already know- better to be redundant than to miss a vital connection by accident, you know?