Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SF Memorials

There is an informal gathering tonight Tuesday 1/19/10 at 7pm in Dolores Park rain or shine-bring photos, candles, music, artifacts of all kinds, or just yourself. everyone welcome.

The second gathering will be as follows:
San Francisco Memorial for Flo McGarrell
Saturday, January 23, 2010
1-3 pm
Women's Building, 3543 18th Street btwn guerrero and valencia
Please, bring food & drink to share
Fancy dress encouraged
Feel free to bring some art for an altar.

The other gathering that was listed earlier at 48-52 woodward street, which is where much of "of maggots and men" was shot and is a beautiful space"- has been changed to the one at the San Francisco Memorial, above.


  1. I tried to publish a comment that said it was tonight at Dolores Park, but it seems to have disappeared. Can anyone else confirm this??

  2. Kiku- we delete comments after the pertinent info gets up on the site.

  3. IF they're the type of comments to be put up, etc.

  4. sorry... thanks!! you guys are rocking at this blog thing. I'll stick to the photos...

  5. We will have a piano and PA System as well as a very large space for the SF memorial tomorrow. Please bring art and stuff for the alter.