Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update: Situation Becomes Urgent Again

Sue is still at the airport in Jacmel waiting to be airlifted out. She has Flo's body with her. The State Department is not helping them at all, even though their hotline specifically says that their job is to serve Americans abroad. The status of the previously reported UN airlift is unknown.

If you call The Department of State at 888-407-4747 you get a recording that directs you to this email address: Haiti-Earthquake@State.Gov . They then ask that you give the name/date of birth of the American citizen you're looking for, along with their contact info in Haiti; then your name, address, contact info, and relationship to the person you are looking for. When emailing be sure and write SUSAN FRAME and FLORES MCGARRELL in the subject line.

I don't know of any contact info for Sue Frame. If anyone has this, please comment here.

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  1. Don't know Sue's birthday, but am assuming that the nearest thing Sue had to contact info in Haiti was at FOSAJ, since that's where Flo lived. Address is 5-7 Rue Sentann, Jakmel, Haiti, HT9110. Phone number is (509)3669-1911, for all the good that will do. It seems like this should be enough, given the situation there. Has anyone had any response to their emails to the State Department?