Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update- Sue Still At Collapse Site With Flo's Remains.

So this is what we know now. Transmission of information in and out of Jacmel has been, in Ann McGarrell's words, "insanely difficult". She tells of bad phone connections; people who only speak Kreyol speaking to people who only speak English speaking to people who only speak French. But she spoke to Sue earlier tonight and this is what we now know.

Sue was never at the Jacmel airport. Neither were Flo's remains. His body is still beneath the same pile of rubble and Sue is still by his side, camping out there. She will not leave without Flo's body. The UN is currently digging him out, and they are three feet away from succeeding. They have stopped for the night and will continue in the morning. Then the UN will take them to the airport, and they will travel onward to Miami on either a State Department or military plane. Once there Sue will FINALLY be able to cremate Flo's body, and members of the McGarrell family will meet her there to collect the cremains.

Both Sue and the McGarrell and Frame families have had to incur a lot of expenses. Sue had to buy Flo's body bag and, because of wrong information, someone (not sure who?) had to put up thousands of dollars for a temporary tomb that was never used. There will also be travel expenses for both the Frame and McGarrell families, funeral expenses, and various miscellaneous expenses along the way (I imagine that their phone bills will be huge). And, clearly, Flo needs an awesome memorial. We need to do something about this, obviously. Can we set up a fund at local banks in our respective cities?

This is obviously horrifying, the whole thing- how it's played out, how long it's taken, the taxing circumstances, the sense of relief being taken away time and time again. I know we have all been sending emails, making calls, et cetera but now is really the time for action. I need people who are skilled at fundraising via banks to get in touch with me, as well as people who are skilled with press releases and whatnot.

I know this sounds like horrible news, but Ann tells me it's actually perfect. Flo's body has been safe from, as she puts it, "human predators". So rest tonight knowing that there is a plan in place, and that there is SO much work left for us to do starting when we wake up first thing tomorrow.


  1. Hi Robin,

    My name is Annemarie, and my partner, Kelli Smith is a friend of Sue and Flo from Baltimore. While I have not met Sue, Flo stayed with us here in Atlanta some time ago.

    I am a freelance marketing/pr consultant and would be happy to write any press releases or other media information needed. I can also gather a media list for distribution, along with the contacts everyone has. Since I work from home, i could jump right on it asap, just let me know.

    You can reach me at, or call 404.735.9163. I'm happy to help.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Today has been a roller coaster of emotion, but hopefully we're on a path to some closure.

    Annemarie O'Bea

  2. In amazement I write out into the world of threads that are connecting us all. I am Carrie Petty in Indianapolis, IN who needed to know Flo I guess. For some strange reason I am wrapped tightly in his world without knowing any of you and yet knowing all of you. If we the people can communicate with one another then why the hell can't the great 'powers' at the helm communicate that WE NEED FLO! Get him out and do it now. Damn it, it is an injustice not only that we can't get a US Citizen home but we let Haiti get in this position in the first place. Oh, so now there is aid. Now there is awareness. And what will they rebuild? I will tell you it will be nothing as beautiful as the creative energy that came out of the place in the heart that must have been, Flo. A spirit obviously so long reaching that it came out into this world of thread and touched ME. Nothing as beautiful as his friends love for him. I am blessed to know you all.

  3. Three way call with both Flo and Sue's Mom's and Dad's on the line. It was the most breathtaking moment. Praise God! THEY'VE GOT THEM. THEY ARE COMING HOME TO THE US.